Is Herbalife safe?

Herbalife Nutrition adheres to the highest manufacturing standards across each of the markets it operates in

Yes, all Herbalife products are safe. All Herbalife Nutrition products are safe when consumed as directed on the label. To support consumer safety, we recommend any consumer with a medical condition or dietary restrictions to talk to their doctor before use.

Herbalife Nutrition is safe for your health. There has been no proven causal link between hepatoxicity, liver disease, kidney damage, or health risks and Herbalife Nutrition products. All our products are created to be compliant with global, EU and national law to make sure they are safe for use by healthy adults.

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How do I know Herbalife Nutrition Products are safe for me?

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Herbalife Nutrition tests all products both internally and through third-party certifying organisations to verify compliance with regulatory guidelines. We test, retest, and then test again. Herbalife Nutrition has a robust global post-market safety surveillance system in place, which has identified responsible individuals as pharmacovigilance representatives who collect any adverse events (AE) allegedly associated with any of our products, across all of the 90 + markets we operate in.

To help ensure global comprehension and compliance with all consumer safety vigilance policies and procedures, the Global Consumer Safety (GCS) team also provides periodic training to Herbalife Nutrition Member Services personnel and others who may receive incoming Adverse Event Reports (AERs).

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Our Consumer Safety team

Global Consumer Safety is a team of dedicated medical, health, and consumer advocacy professionals whose mission it is to ensure that Herbalife Nutrition upholds the highest safety vigilance standards to protect our consumers in every market worldwide.

Our industry-leading safety programme incorporates advanced technology and comprehensive analytical surveillance methods to help us turn consumer feedback into knowledge.

And with this, consumers can feel confident knowing that everything we do is to create informed product use experiences, nutrition safety educational tools and materials, robust risk mitigation protocols, and of course, to maintain good product stewardship by complying with all consumer safety regulations globally.


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