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Herbalife Breakfast
How does your breakfast make you feel?
Start your day the Herbalife way…
- Instant Herbal Beverage
- Herbal Aloe Concentrate
- Aloe Max
- Thermo Complete™
Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks
- Protein Bars
- Gourmet Tomato Soup
- Roasted Soy Beans
Protein Solutions
Protein Solutions
- Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder
- Protein Drink Mix
Core Nutrition & Formula 1
Core Nutrition & Formula 1
- Formula 1 Raspberry&Blueberry
- Formula 1
- Formula 1 Free From
- Formula 1 Express Bar
- Fibre and Herb
Targeted Nutrition
Digestive Health
- Multifibre Drink
Healthy Aging
- Joint Support
- Herbalifeline®
- Niteworks™
Immune Health
- Roseguard®
Energy & Fitness
Energy & Fitness Range
- Products
- H24 Training Videos
Personal Care
Herbal Aloe
- Herbal Aloe Strengthening Conditioner
- Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Lotion
- Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Wash
- Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel
- Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo
Herbalife SKIN
- Energising Herbal Toner
- Instant Reveal Berry Scrub
- Daily Glow Moisturiser
- Firming Eye Gel
- Hydrating Eye Cream
- Line Minimising Serum
- Polishing Citrus Cleanser
- Replenishing Night Cream
- Soothing Aloe Cleanser
- SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser
- Purifying Mint Clay Mask
- 7 Day Results Kit
Success Stories
Business Opportunity
- I’m completely in love with my new healthy active lifestyle!
- I feel amazing and feel much younger than I really am.
- I’ve managed to drop 5% body fat and I’ve got tons of energy.
- I always dreamt of travelling the world
- Kutloano and Mamonki Motjolopane
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A Balanced Diet
- Carbohydrates
- Healthy fats
- Vitamins and Minerals
- Protein
- Fibre
- Calories
Healthy Living Articles
Eating Well
- Are you getting these nutrients in your diet?
- What to eat and drink after exercising
- Quick Tips on Meal Planning
- Everything about protein shakes
- Why is hydration good for you?
- A fresh approach to your diet
- Control Those Holiday Kilojoules
- Five tips for a better diet
- Breakfast is good for you
- How do you start your day?
- Start your day with a healthy breakfast
- 9 Easy Food Swaps to Make Your Diet Healthier
- Heart health: how to fine tune your diet in 5 easy steps
- Healthy eating: Your Carbohydrate questions answered
- How to create your personalised nutrition plan
- Want to Build Muscle? It Takes More than Just Protein
- 7 Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits
- How to Get Better Nutrition with Food Pairin
- Superfoods Defined
- When cupid comes calling…have a brownie
- Be inspired by Autumn
- Get Set For a Healthier Easter
- Eat warm but healthy this Winter
- The sweet taste of winter
Feeling Beautiful
- New Year’s Skin Resolutions
- Beauty Tips that Require Minimal Effort
- Beauty routine in half the time
- 4 Simple Skincare Tips For Men
- Hydrating Face Mask: Make Your Own
- 7 face cleansing tips for healthier skin
- How to Look Your Best at Any Age
- Identifying Dry Skin
- Protect your skin this Summer
- Steps to Healthy-Looking, Handsome Skin
- The Laura Chacon-Garbato’s beauty notebook
- How to make sensitive skin look and feel beautiful
- How does exercise make you glow?
- Look after yourself during the cold season
- 6 Sunscreen Myths – and Facts
- Pamper yourself
- Protect your skin this Summer
- 5 skin care tips ready for Summer
- Ageless beauty: how to look your best at every age
- Banish bad hair days forever
- An expert’s secrets to radiant summer skin
- Is your skin hydrated?
- How to Simply Feel Beautiful
- 7 Summer Beauty Tips
- Try these easy tips for better skin
- How to manage oily skin
- Easy Tips to Create a Natural Look
- How to Maintain Healthy Hair
Keeping in Shape
- Your Fitness Guide
- Step It Up: Get Fit with Stairs
- What Is Physical Fitness?
- How to Create Healthy Fitness Habits
- How to get fit if you’re starting from scratch
- Running 101
- Stay fit while you travel
- How Yoga and Meditation Can Help You Relax
- Three Steps to a Stronger Your
- New workouts for your fitness regime
- Start Your Day on a Positive Step
- The perfect winter workout
- Why You Need to Make Hiking Part of Your Life
- Samantha Clayton’s fitness makeover
- Stay fit while you travel
- Summer countdown: get fit & tone up
- Create Your Personal Summer Workout
- Your winter fitness plan
- Got 10 minutes? Time to work out!
- Understand. Succeed. Maintain.
- Conquer that fear and reach your goals
- 3 ways to improve your day
- 5 Ways to Get Fit in the New Year
- 12 Tips on Fitness Motivation
- Three Ways to Squeeze in a Workout into Your Day
- Your Winter Fitness Guide
- Cycling Tips to Get Fit
- Avoid the Holiday Fitness Slump
- Re-energise your New Year resolutions
- Stay motivated this Autumn
- Hop Into Great Shape
- Five Great Ways to Stay Active
Staying Healthy
- Tips on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
- 7 Reasons to Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast
- Heart health: 3 reasons why you should love a cardio workout
- Top Tips for Winter Wellness
- Start your day with a balanced breakfast
- Top 10 Resolutions for a Healthier New Year
- 10 Tips for Making Your Resolutions Stick All Year Long
- It takes make a change come true
- Goodbye Indulgence. Hello healthy new habits
- Eggs Are For Life, Not Just For Easter
The Core Nutrition Wheel
Healthy Recipes
Formula 1 Shake Recipes
- Banana Cream Flavoured Shake with Peanut Butter
- Sunshine breakfast
- Chocolate Warm-up – 948 kJ
- Berry Coconut Shake
- Herbalife Chocolate Orange Shake Mix
- Peanut Butter Shake
- A Winter Warm-Up – 978 Kilojoules
- Luxurious Winter Shake - 823 kilojoules
- Chocolate Warm-up – 948 kJ
- Remix your Herbalife Breakfast – 1551 kJ
- Chocolate Berry Shake - 1024kJ
- Very Berry Strawberry
- Tropical Shake
- Plush Pomegranate
- Fruit Punch Shake
- Apple Pie Shake
- Berry Berry Shake
- Blueberry and Cranberry
- Café Mocha
- Choco Banana
- Fruit Fantasy
- Raspberry Mint
- Delicious Formula 1 Ice-cream – 974 kJ
- Protein Pop
- Love of Red
- A Winter Warm-Up – 978 Kilojoules
- A Winter Warm-Up – 978 Kilojoules
- Warm Apple and Cinnamon Nightcap Shake
- Blueberry-Acai Pops
Healthy Meal Recipes
- Spicy Citrus Shrimp
- Warm Corn and Squash Salad – 585 kilojoules
- Spicy Fish Casserole
- Chicken Tarragon
- Bean and Feta Salad
- Chicken and Brown Rice Bowl
- Spicy Chicken Cacciatore
- Seven Colour Chicken Salad
Meal Plans


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